Thursday, February 21, 2013


I sought Him,
whom my heart has known,
In eternity,
Returning to the haunts where He,
And I met frequently,
Thirsting once again to see,
The One who set me free,
Who died upon the Cross  so I,
Could live in liberty.

I found Him,
Whom my heart has known,
In eternity,
I  walked on holy ground as I,
Ascended  Calvary,
Nailed upon a rough hewn Cross,
For all the world to see,
I fixed my gaze upon my God
And He looked down at me.

 Myra D'Souza - 21 Feb 13


  1. my dear myra,

    when i read the last two lines of
    "Seeking God and Finding Him"
    i remembered the following quote
    from Meister Eckhart:
    "The I with which I see God,
    is the same I with which God sees me."

    i also noted that 21st Feb 2013
    was a day of double-inspiration for you...!



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