Thursday, July 19, 2012


The restless, rustling russet leaves,
In frenzy swirl  around my feet,
The balmy winds are fragrant sweet,
With just a touch of summer heat.

The sparrows dart from tree to tree,
They twitter and they chirp in glee,
And every now and then is heard,
The crystal tweet of migrant bird.

It seems like only yesterday,
We watched the breeze and birds at  play,
Our hearts in sync were raised in praise,
Then came the parting of our ways.

I walk along the corridor,
Alone where we once walked before,
And in fond memories, I’ve found,
We meet again on hallowed ground.

19th July 2012

We walked a short distance together each day from the car into the office building and we parted when Sandy went to her office and I to mine.  She continues to walk with me in memory everyday as I picture her at my side.   Happy Birthday sister mine.


  1. Very touching....miss her too.

  2. yes myra,
    our memories are hallowed...
    made so by jesus
    when he invites us in each eucharist
    to "Do this in memory of Me".
    ozy sj

  3. Very touching dear. You made memories of Sandy live again. Yes Myra, many a times I have seen you two walking from the car to the building and into the corridor engrossed in your own talks as if you were the only two in the building. I would always be proud of the love and care you both shareed but GOD's wish was different and he called Sandy soon to his etarnal garden. May her soul rest in peace.

    Love - Rita

  4. Yes myra!
    Sandy was a beautiful person all the days of her life. We who knew her and shared a part of our lives with her are so blessed. She will liven on in your poems and our memories.

  5. ...."in fond memories i've found, we meet again on hallowed ground."
    Blessed indeed!! What more can i say ...... Let my Silence speak.....
    m xx


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