Monday, April 30, 2012

BARTIMAEUS AND I -- Mark 10:46-52

 How often we are daunted,
How easily we’re cowed,
We step aside when bullied,
By a peevish, Godless crowd.

We squander opportunities,
By yielding cravenly,
To fear so oft’ unfounded,
Through sheer timidity.

Not so was Bartimaeus,
A beggar who was blind,
Who longed for an encounter,
With the Physician, Jesus Christ.

With lively faith he raised his voice,
Above the scolding crowd,
He would not let them badger him,
His spirit was unbowed.

“Be merciful”, he shouted,
“Son of David pity me”,
The more they tried to quiet him,
The louder grew his plea.

 “Call the man,” said Jesus
He’d heard the beggar’s cry,
Anyone who calls on Him,
He never will deny.

He threw aside his cloak at once,
And at God’s feet He fell.
“What do you want of Me,” said Christ,
“My blindness Lord dispel.”

I too was blind when sin had cast,
It’s ugly blight on me,
I cried aloud like Bartimaeus, 
Now praise God I see.

Myra D’Souza / 30th April 2012


  1. I like this poem.

    New Zealand

  2. Thank God for His goodness that He hears us even if we don't cry out loud and thank you for reminding us thru your poem that when we call on Him we will not be denied.


    dearest myra...
    keep seeing!

  4. :) Thanks dear Ozy,

    Now I believe that you are free after the hectic Lenten and Easter season in your parish. Hope you find the time to read my earlier ones too and comment. You do that so well.

    1. Wow .... Myra girl
      You can really write !!! .... the flow of words ..... the tempo ....and the depiction ..... i was there , in the crowd with Bartimaeus .....
      AND .... HE looked back ..... for , along with Bartimaeus , i called too !!! .....THANKS ....
      Be Blessed .... be happy ..... m (smc ) .... xx

  5. Dearest M (SMC)

    Thank you.

    Those days in SMC were the best. I thank God for your friendship.

    Much love,


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