Tuesday, February 7, 2012


There was a time when sin and I,
Walked hand in hand together,
I let the world possess me
And it did with deadly sway.
It was a time in youth when I,
Was frequently quite foolish,
I never sought to find the time,
Nor did I will to  pray.

There was a time I walked alone,
In darkness, gloom and peril,
My innocence was threatened,
Through my ignorance of guile,
A time when frailty of spirit,
Often would beset me,
A time when evil sneered and sought,
To lure me with beguile.

There was a time of fierce distress,
And overwhelming sorrow,
Anguish scoured and seared my soul,
With stupefying grief.
A time for letting go to  God,
The baby I'd been given,
Gone with no goodbye she left ,
Memories too brief.

Time and I have walked awhile,
Astutely she has taught me,
How sin corrodes the souls of those
Whose lives are shorn of grace.
I’ve learned the paradox that love,
Spends not itself in giving,
Suffering enabled me,
Meet Jesus face to face.

Myra D'Souza / 7 February 2012


  1. Now this is very nice!!!

    Mira D'Souza - New Zealand

  2. Myra, it seems you wrote this poem for me today...I can identify with it so much. Thanks for being an instrument of Christ's love and hope. God bless you:-)

  3. Thank you and may He bless you too and all who chance upon this little ray of light.


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