Tuesday, February 21, 2012

In Conversation - Jesus and I

“Come closer, draw nearer, my sister my bride,
In Holy Communion cleave to me a while,
Yielding in perfect submission to Me,
Consumed and assumed in divine mystery.”

 “Unrivaled the Gift of Yourself to me  Lord,
Our hearts beat as one now in perfect accord,
You ravish and lavish my soul with rich grace,
I in return offer worshipful praise.”

“A most willing Captive of Love in your soul,
I long for the love of hearts tepid and cold,
Those who respond to my love are too few,
Unequalled my joy  for this time spent with you.”

“Too brief is Your visit, too soon we must part,
These wonderful moments will live in my heart,
I’ll savor the Gift of Yourself to me, Lord,
And long for tomorrow till we meet again.”

                                                                Myra D’Souza / 21 February 2012

(This one is inspired by a priest who said sternly to me, "Come closer," when I stood a little at a distance to receive Jesus in Holy Communion.) 


  1. Good one – is the last verse also said by Jesus?

    Mira DSouza
    New Zealand

  2. This poem is beautiful and so insightful.


  3. This is what Rhonda Chervin said today on EWTN
    "If Jesus is prepared to leap down from heaven into my old, wrinkled body, ought I not be prepared to be there everyday at Holy Mass to receive Him?"


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