Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Standing on the threshold of today,
She casts a smiling glance
At yesterday.
Brimming with expectant joy,
She pauses just a while,
Before she steps into
The promise of tomorrow.

Dark and night are left behind,
The play of light upon her face
Stir memories to life,
And once again are seen,
Her mother’s smile, Her mother’s eyes,
Her mother’s impish sense of fun,
Provoking much delight.

Streams of blessings overflow,
Directed by her mother’s hand,
Now clasped in Christ’s,
They pour from Him through her,
To this her first born child,,
Who scintillates in creamy lace,
And satin soft and white.

 Myra D'Souza / 9th February 2012


  1. So perfectly and beautifully portrayed - no one could have put it in a poem better than you - you have done it again sis - brought tears to my eyes!

    Pamela Fernandes

  2. Very nice.. Dez shud make a bookmark of this one and keep it with her at all times :)

  3. Great Myra, praise God always for this talent. So beautifully written. Proud of you. Love Agnela

  4. Beautiful poetry for beautiful Desi. I especially love the middle paragraph, it has a lovely rhythm to it. The whole poem is so honestly written, can feel your pain as well as your joy. Thank you Myra, fantastic writing as always.

  5. Darling Myra,
    I like very much.
    Luvya Kings

  6. Myra

    This is tooooooooooo beautiful to describe. This mixture of emotions and sentiments brought tears to my eyes.

    You are talented. Praise GOD and keep it up girl


  7. I'm touched by your beautiful poem. Mama was definitely there when savio had to find his way to me... Right from the first hello till the I do...and forever till I meet her in heaven. See you in kuwait soon.


  8. The subject of the poem finally commented - yay!!!!
    This beautiful picture of you had poem written all over it.
    Yes, my Dez Doll, your mama took both Savio and you by the hand and ensured you were made one in Him.

  9. Sorry I took so long. Nowadays internet is plenty. look forward to reading more of your writings. Lots of love

  10. myra,
    browsing through,
    i 'discovered' your poem on desiree,
    with her photograph at the curtains....

    i enjoyed that, esp. your musings
    on the play of light on desiree...

    i also see her
    'closing the curtains' on the past
    'opening the curtains' on a future



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