Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Love rides the dawn,
To rouse my soul from sleeping night,
His touch will set  it all aglow,
Enfolding it  in light.

The slowly  dying embers,
Of my love  ‘neath ashes gray,
Will be rekindled  once again,
As I begin  to pray.

From cinders He will stir to life,
The flicker to a flame,
He'll cast aside all darkness,
As He gently calls my name.

His love evokes an antiphon,
Of  praise in joyous phrase,
He will imbue and permeate,

My soul with wondrous grace.

This bruised reed is strengthened,
By Him Whom I adore
The unction of His Spirit,
Restores to life once more.

Myra D’Souza
23 January 2012

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