Tuesday, November 20, 2012


For My True Blue Friend

Too long I’ve kept a stranglehold,
On fond old memories,
To fragments of a bygone age,
With fierce tenacity. 

Like a child I had my fingers,
Clasped tight around a time,
When star strewn skies provided,
The cadence to my rhyme.

You smiled a little sadly,
And let my heart entwine,
Aware  I wasn’t ready,
You kept your hand in mine.

Clutched in a painful vise too long,
While I refused to grow,
Thanks for staying with me,
Till I was ready to let go.

Myra D’Souza - 20th November 2012

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Jesus lowers Himself in His entirety to come into my heart as food for my soul so my love for Him is not exaggerated in the light of His love for me. - Myra

 I want nothing more than Jesus,
Give me nothing less than Him,
All I ask is all of Jesus,
Other pleasures now grow dim.
Having tasted of His goodness,
Nothing satisfies my soul,
I implore You give me Jesus,
He alone can make me whole.

Grant me naught but all of Jesus,
Is the only prayer I pray,
“Ask,” You said, “It shall be given,”
All I ask is Christ today.
Satisfy the zeal of longing,
At the Fount of Love whose Name,
Can enkindle holy fire,
Ardor burns to living flame.

Yes I know that I am nothing,
And audacious I may seem,
Some may call my fervor foolish,
Deeming me much too extreme.
Yet it’s God who loves me madly,
Stooping in humility,
As mere Bread descending in me,
Body, Soul, Divinity.

Myra D’Souza – 6th November 2012

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