Monday, May 23, 2011

On Eagle's Wings

In the time of my trouble,
I called on the Lord,
My Deliverer swooped down,
With the swiftness of an eagle,
To answer me.

Danger and distress lurked around me,
I was terrified,
In my fear I called on the Lord,
More tenderly than a mother,
My God comforted me.

I will sing to my Beloved always,
His praise ever in my heart,
Will spill from my lips,
The love of the Lord overwhelms me,
Like a mighty river it rushes over me,
I drown in joy.

My Lord delights in my love,
He calls me by my name,,
He whispers it softly in my soul,
His Voice gentle,

Gentle as an evening breeze.
He soothes me and calms me, 
He chases away my fears,
He calls me little sister, bride, 
Heart’s delight,
I respond, "My soul's beloved, 
My Lord and my God."

Myra D'Souza / 23rd May 2011

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