Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Sweep me up in Your arms O Lord,
Cradle me close to Your breast,
My soul will find refuge and harbor,
For in You is perfect rest.

I wrestle daily with sin O Lord,
I strive to resist its allure,
But if I should fall Beloved, recall,
Your Cross vanquished its power.

Cover me with Your mantle O Lord,
Snuggled close to Your heart,
Satan won’t dare assail and ensnare,
With intent to tear us apart.

Safely sheltered in You O Lord,
Hid ‘neath the wings of Your care,
I can acquire the strength I desire,
As long as I tarry there.

Myra D’Souza / 16th March 2011


  1. Hi Myra:

    Now you are too good.
    New Zealand

  2. its very sweet .. very lovey dovey in a good way .. my favorite line is *snuggled close to Your heart*
    love you ma



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