Thursday, February 17, 2011


Hope is heaven’s promise, 
That the sun is shining bright,
Even though dark shadows loom,
To swallow up the light.

Hope declares to everyone,
That it has never failed,
Espouse your faith to hope and you,
Will never be dismayed.

Hope when rooted deep in faith,
Will spring eternal fruit,
It lives up to its sacred pledge,
That it is wed in truth.

The door to hope can be unlocked,
The key is to concede,
To the grace of God that will,
Ensure you succeed.

If you place your hope in Him,
His promise He will keep,
Peace and joy will flood your soul,
The well of God runs deep.

Myra D’Souza / 16th February 2011

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


His love for me
 each morning,
As silent as the dawn,
Awakes my quiescent spirit,
Without reserve I am drawn.

His call begins in cadence,
Measured, soft and low,
Moving from key largo,
To swell in crescendo.

My captive spirit urges me,
To raise my heart in prayer,
Surrendering my being,
To my Beloved’s care.

Prostrate before His Majesty,
I sing in joyful praise,
The tabernacle of my heart,
Radiates His grace..

 He knows I am unworthy,
But He  loves me anyway,
With generous abandon,
He blesses me each day.

Myra D’Souza / 15 February 2011

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