Thursday, January 6, 2011


I will walk with You my Lord,
No matter where you lead me,
I will stay by You my Lord,
No matter where we go.
Though the road is dark as night,
And narrow is the pathway,
With my hand in Yours I know  -
I never am alone.

My life has had its share of pain,
I’ve tasted joy and sorrow,
Death has strode in boldly,
As it claimed with  wanton force.
How often I have drowned in tears,
But in my darkest hours,
Unfailingly my Lord I've known -
I am not alone.

Recently the gloom of night,
Enshrouded me in shadow,
Agonizing grief and loss,
Overpowered my soul.
Vanquished for a while I lost,
Awareness of Your power,
Forgetting for a while that I -
Never am alone.

Every time I feel bereft,
And sorrowing I falter,
You deign to stoop from heaven,
Embracing me once more,
How wonderful it is to know,
That in my darkest hours,
You reassure me once again -
I am not alone.

Myra D’Souza / 6 January 2011

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