Thursday, December 9, 2010


Reflecting on her life I see,
With greater clarity,
How brave and gallantly,
She faced all adversity.

Grit and firm resolve were writ,
Large upon her face,
Every challenge she would meet,
With dignity and grace.

Her loyalty was striking,
She drew her strength from God,
Through Him she found her courage,
To live her life unbowed.

Life’s riddles have been answered,
No shadows now remain,
Embraced by Love eternally
She’ll never more know pain.

Myra D’Souza / 9 DEC 2010


  1. I guess you are missing Sandy as Christmas approaches. It’s good, however, make an act of will that you won’t write another poem on Sandy until her one-year anniversary.

    New Zealand

  2. Says it all about our beloved sister Sandy

  3. my dearest Myra,
    such beautiful verses you do write/ i enjoyed reading this latest poem on sandy and loved prayerful and beautiful and heart rending.
    love you myra

  4. hey ma ..
    nice poem and it is normal to miss aunty sandy at Christmas .. plus aunty mira's advice may be good try .. try and listen to a song by a band Coldplay its called Christmas Lights ,, i thought you would like the song seems apt i think..
    love you muah ..

  5. Dearest Myra,
    When I read your poems on Sandy, I am grateful to the Lord that I have someone with me who shares and speaks in verse about the love we all have for Sandy.
    Just let it flow Myra, bring out all your feelings in verse and never let time or occasion stand in your way. That way we will never forget our dearly departed. We do not have to erect marble monuments to remember them. Just reading your poems is enough.
    Yes I am misty eyed as I write this comment.

  6. Myra that is a beautiful poem for Sandy, she'd have been proud of you and so touched had she seen it .. I am!


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