Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Who can fathom why the Savior loves me?
Why He willed to die to set me free?
I’ve oft’ committed treason,
So tell me what’s the reason,
He gave His life for me on Calvary?

Once I skulked in dark, unpleasant places,
All God's holy angels hid their faces,
Losing grace once mine,
I wallowed with the swine,
While He sweat great drops of blood for me.

I confess I’ve sinned - I know I’m worthless,
None but He thought I deserved redress,
My shame and fall from grace,
Were swept without a trace,
When He was lifted high upon the tree.

I am pledged to Him, I’m His unfettered,
His alone who for my sins atoned,
The love that I once spurned,
Is humbly now returned,
The King says I am His eternally.

Myra D’Souza/23 November 2010

Myra D'Souza / 23 November 2010


  1. liked this Myra- a different beat to that of your previous ones!!! Experimenting huh???

    I’ve confessed I’ve sinned – I know I’m worthless

    Above line- sounds better with the dash- simple but effective!


    New Zealand

    When is your first book being published??

  2. Very beautiful and well put!

  3. ma is experimenting .. cause she sounds like a really bad person .. anyhow many people can relate to the poem .. your other poems were about your experiences .. delving into what another person might feel is very interesting .. try it more and in detail .. the person's relationship with God was at the foreground in all your poems maybe now write more about the person but let with the lost/current relationship with God flowing in the background ..
    muah ..


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