Wednesday, September 29, 2010


You alone fill all my deepest longings,
You stir my soul awake at break of day,
You raise my heart to heaven every morning,
My senses come alive as You hold sway.

I gaze at You in silent adoration,
My heart is set ablaze as gaze meets gaze,
Come Beloved, make Your tabernacle,
In my soul where I will sing your praise.

I muse about You in the sunlit hours,
I call to mind Your Name at night and pray,
I close my eyes and all the while I whisper,
Grateful thanks to You at close of day.

You alone can satisfy my longings,
No other love with Yours can be replaced,
I know, because I’ve wandered in dark places,
Counterfeit all love when it’s misplaced.

Call my name when day is done Beloved,
It matters not when that dear hour may be,
I am awake my Lord and I am ready,
To be espoused with You eternally.

Myra D'Souza / 29/09/2010


  1. A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.. Ur constant poetry writing is testimony to this :) Another great one!

  2. Very good as usual- however, the last verse (don’t change it) looks as though you are quite happy to leave this world and go. Do remember you have a lot to live for!!! So next time write something about doing something practical for the good Lord – here and now!!!
    Mira D'Souza/New Zealand

  3. Yet another poetically beautiful expression of your "God Alone" spirituality!
    KEEP IT UP, Dear Myra!

  4. Very Very Passionate Myra - So Great is your Love for the Lord - May you be blessed even more abundantly to carry out His good work.
    Best wishes Gladys Fonseca/Nova Scotia Canada

  5. beautiful poem.. so well written!!!! perfect

  6. Dear Myra,

    Very well written indeed ! Keep up the good work !

    Ms. L. Suares, Kuwait


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