Thursday, June 10, 2010


I have often failed and faltered,
In my journey with the Lord.
When tempted, I have fallen prey to sin.
My weaknesses are legion,
My nature’s frail and flawed,
To conquer, grace must emanate within.

Ungracious, stern and haughty,
I had a prideful  heart.
Forgiven often yet I chose to be,
Bereft of all compassion,
To those who failed like me,
I lacked a Christ-like generosity.

With ease I magnified the faults,
Of strangers, kith and kin,
Heedless of the log impeding light,
Blind, I scorned to follow,
The narrow way until,
God graciously restored my failing sight.

I had to climb Mount Calvary,
Clinging to the Cross,
The genesis of healing to my soul,
All pride, heart break has shattered,
I understand at last,
Christ alone has power to make whole.

Myra D’Souza / 10 June 2010


  1. Such lovely writing Myra! The rhythm in the poem is lovely, like a dance.

  2. Such a lovely compliment from an accomplished writer like yourself dear Roanna means a lot. Thank you my girl.


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