Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Summer has arrived at last,
May blooms in every hue,
One by one the boarders leave,
We bid our friends adieu.

We dance along the corridors,
We leap down from the stairs,
Gripped in a fevered frenzy,
We breathe the heady air.

We giggle and we frolic,
Build castles on the shore,
We lie on pristine beaches,
And watch the seagulls soar.

Too soon will childhood laughter,
Become a memory,
Each of us eventually,
Will start a family.

We grow ever closer,
Confiding joys and woes,
Celebrating blessings,
That God on each bestows.

The fabric of our sisterhood,
Will rend apart when He,
Calls one of us to heaven,
Now two are left of three.

Together you and I my dear,
Will keep alive the flame,
Of our sister’s memory,
Each time we speak her name.

Myra D’Souza / 29 June 2010

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Grace gently wakes me up to greet the morning,
I rise at dawn to life anew each day,
The Spirit helps divine God’s Holy Presence,
My soul ascends to heaven as I pray.

Grace calls again and I come to the chapel,
To worship and adore Christ face to face,
I look at Him who is the Bread of  Angels,
In awe and silence my heart jubilates.

Grace invites me to approach the table,
Where we offer Eucharistic praise,
Ascending up Mt. Zion to its summit,
Partaking in the source of Christian grace.

In communion I consume Christ’s Body,
I’m grafted to my God who is the Word,
Empowered by the Living Bread I am able,
To be His faithful witness in the world.

May Christ alone be seen in all my actions,
Commissioned by the Spirit I must be,
Another Christ to all whom I encounter,
May all who see me see Christ reign in me.

Myra D’Souza /24th June 2010

Thursday, June 10, 2010


I have often failed and faltered,
In my journey with the Lord.
When tempted, I have fallen prey to sin.
My weaknesses are legion,
My nature’s frail and flawed,
To conquer, grace must emanate within.

Ungracious, stern and haughty,
I had a prideful  heart.
Forgiven often yet I chose to be,
Bereft of all compassion,
To those who failed like me,
I lacked a Christ-like generosity.

With ease I magnified the faults,
Of strangers, kith and kin,
Heedless of the log impeding light,
Blind, I scorned to follow,
The narrow way until,
God graciously restored my failing sight.

I had to climb Mount Calvary,
Clinging to the Cross,
The genesis of healing to my soul,
All pride, heart break has shattered,
I understand at last,
Christ alone has power to make whole.

Myra D’Souza / 10 June 2010

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