Sunday, April 18, 2010

FRIEND OF MY HEART --(Written with a little heartache for a friendship that I thought had not stood the test of time. Thankfully I was wrong - it did!)

I chased the sound of laughter,
In the summer of an age,
When I weaved childish fantasies,
With the visage of a sage.

Looking back with longing,
Clutching on to straws,
Hungering to keep alive,
A season’s spell that was.

I blew on dying embers,
Cooling through the years,
Viewing a cherished friendship,
Fade and disappear.

In a flash spoke Wisdom,
Through the written Word,
Do not trust in mortals,
Place all your hope in God.

My truest Friend was waiting,
Until I recognized,
That He alone can love me,
With a love that satisfies.

The God of all creation,
Embraced me in His light,
When I let go my childish dreams,
And let the past take flight.

Myra D’Souza/15th April 2010


  1. WE DO NOT NEED ANYONE ELSE BESIDES JESUS. Broken as we are we can still smile and carry on with our lives because of HIM.

    Love ya,

  2. Very beautiful as usual Myra- nostalgic though! It’s always sad when relationships do not stand the test of time but just thank God for the time when it was there!!

  3. Once we are ready to put our relationship with God above and over all other relationships, the God of love restores all things to us.
    Thank You Beloved Jesus for restoring a well loved friendship once I decided to let it go.


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