Thursday, November 19, 2009


Let’s build a bridge together,
That arches through the years,
Revisiting in memory,
Dreams we both held dear.
A time when we built castles,
As we walked in the rain,
Sketching dreams in vapor,
On life’s window pane.
Our fancies lived a moment,
The bubbles soon would burst,
Each would soon face heartache,
Each would experience hurt.
Can we bridge the distance?
Can a way be found,
To breach the years between us?
Can we find common ground?
A time that we remember,
Like it was yesterday,
Could link us to the present
If love could have its way.

Myra D’Souza/19th November 2009


  1. This poem was written for my dearest and best friend in all the world this side of paradise. This cherished friendship was lost to me for a while but in time God restored it. Thank You Lord!!

  2. Belinda Serpes Willard:
    That is a beautiful poem Myra, it filled my eyes with fog or was it tears? I loved the line "sketching dreams in Vapour
    on life's window pane"
    what am I saying I loved everything.I loved it thank you.


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