Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Day has yet to blossom,
Night has yet to pale,
The sky has yet to put away,
Her star embroidered veil.
Dawn will keep its promise,
As it ushers a new day,
Responding to Your call I come,
To watch with You and pray.

My Friend and my Beloved,
How sweet it is to be,
With God who deigns to make Himself
Accessible to me.
On fire with the Spirit,
Love overwhelms my soul,
God Almighty reaches out,
To heal and make me whole.

In reverential silence,
I worship You in awe,
Wonderstruck that I am loved
By You despite my flaws.
Grant me grace dear Jesus,
Sufficient for today,
To take my cross and follow You,
Along the narrow way.

Myra D’Souza/16th November


  1. my dearest myra,
    another beautiful poem. thanks for sending it to me. it is so lovely and i enjoyed every line of it.
    lots of love
    (Helen Cripps)

  2. how wonderful to hear from you straight away. keep up the good work of writing aboutthe Lord. atleast it keeps you out of mischief and we do love to read them.

  3. Bosco Silveira said

    Your poem is awesome. It brings out the peace of the early morning....that time when it is neither day or night....knowing that the Good Lord is working hard to give us another day.....


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