Sunday, November 1, 2009


I built a fence then shut the gate,
I sealed and barred the doors,
I checked each window yet again,
Then curled up on the floor.

I wanted neither neighbor,
Nor friend, nor family,
To share my pain and bitterness,
And offer sympathy.

My wounded pride I nurtured,
My hurting heart I nursed,
My stricken spirit cowered,
My life I thought was cursed.

Afraid to ask forgiveness,
Too ashamed to beg,
Too proud to say that I was wrong,
Too angry to forget.

I've lost the joy of childhood,
The promise of my youth,
They were all a fantasy,
A figment of the truth.

I've lost the dream of innocence,
I dreamed in early years,
The spring of those sweet visions,
Now dimmed by many tears.

I long to have a Savior,
I long to have redress,
I long for new beginnings,
I long for happiness.

I do not know the Father,
I know little of His Son,
How then can I ask pardon
For all the wrongs I've done?

They tell me if I would I could
Get on my knees and say,
"Lord Jesus, please forgive me,
Wash all my sins away."

Lack of faith and sin my Lord,
Have yielded endless grief,
In Your mercy and compassion,
Help my unbelief!

Myra D'Souza - 1st November 2009


  1. Thanks Myra ,for another lovely prayerful verse
    Richie (Richard Gonsalves)

  2. Truly beautiful!

    (Pamela Fernandes)

  3. (Rita Rodriques said)
    Thank you Myra

    Beautiful one......
    You are truly a very blessed talent.
    God bless you all the more

  4. Awesome poem. Every one has a dark side. Skeletons in the cupboard. Too ashamed to admit and too proud to let go. Yet we do have a way to open the "gates" and feel the refreshing comfort that only a good confession can bring.

    Once again hats off to you.

    Bosco (Silveira)


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