Monday, October 12, 2009


I belong to Jesus, and He belongs to me,
I belong to Jesus, the Christ who set me free.
I belong to Jesus, my Savior and my Lord,
I belong to Him who is, the only Son of God.

I am His and He is mine, Beloved of my soul,
I am His and He is mine, in Him I am made whole.
He tells me I am precious, and the wonder of it all,
Is that my God has loved me, long before the fall.

Love it was that sent the Son, since love alone could pay,
The price for the redemption, of this vessel made of clay.
Amazing love with arms outstretched, upon a cruel cross,
Bartering His life for mine, He bled and paid the cost.

On the scale of perfect love, this sinner's life was placed,
In the balance it was weighed, with His measureless grace,
He has made provision, for me to have a share,
In the Father’s Kingdom, I am made co-heir.

Myra D’Souza / 13 October ‘09


  1. There must be a certain reward for people who can express their faith in such glowing terms.
    Unknown 10/12


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