Thursday, September 10, 2009


The time has come I must let go,
Your fingers grip my hand,
As one by one I set them free,
Pain locks in iron bands.

The day long seen in coming,
In course of time arrives,
I prayed I may have courage,
When the time came for goodbyes.

Go forth my precious darling,
Its time to let you go,
Make us proud as you begin,
To flourish, bloom and grow.

As you go into the future,
And make your place on earth,
Know that you have been our joy
From the moment of your birth.

We watched and we protected,
With tender loving care,
We now give you our blessing,
As we send you with our prayers.

Be not intimidated,
Refuse to compromise,
Let faith and perseverance,
Be your ever present guides.

Our every thought a blessing,
Our every prayer a plea,
That you stay firmly rooted,
In the Holy Trinity.

Myra D’Souza / 10/09/09


  1. Ozy said,
    my dearest myra,
    not only did i like "letting go"
    i was moved by it.....

    i know now a little more of what you must have felt
    when you and melwin said goodbye to your three
    as you left them behind in mumbai!

    thank you from my heart for sharing
    this very hidden grace of yours...
    love and prayer,

  2. Linny said,

    Awesome! Your best one yet :)

  3. Rita said,

    Dear Myra

    This is so beautiful, touching and very true. God Bless You.

    Love - Rita

  4. Helen said,

    your poem is so beautiful. i can relate to it so thoroughly and it brought tears to my eyes. it is the very things i felt when ash was going away from us for so long for the first time . it touched my heart and you being a mother have put in words beautifully what we all feel when our children decide to leave and set up on their own which i hope i will never happen, but it must i know.i enjoyed reading every line of it and i am so glad it was a long and not very short.lots of love to you and family dearest myra and to sandy and pam too.helen.

  5. Francis said,
    BRAVO, for this and all the other poems sent earlier. You should request Sandie to put these poems to music (The Holy Spirit will inspire).

    Continue to glorify the Lord


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