Monday, August 3, 2009


You stir my soul each morning,
You fill me with Your grace,
You touch me with Your Spirit,
I am Your dwelling place.

I sit with You in silence,
Your Presence fills my soul,
I confess my sins and You,
Forgive and make me whole.
Your sacred Word inspires,
Assisting me to pray,
Your Holy Spirit leads me,
In worship and in praise.

I then make intercession,
For all my friends in need,
And stooping low You listen,
As I plead and intercede.
Filled with every blessing,
Strong and unafraid,
I go to fight life’s battles
Well armed because I prayed.

Myra D’Souza / 3rd August 2009


  1. very well written the flow of words is smooth

  2. myra,
    you had "hidden" this gem of a prayer poem from me for three years! all the same THANK YOU for sharing your devotional sentiments in that graceful, lyrical flow! the LORD must be delighted each time HE knows YOU are coming into that HOUR OF PRAYER! myra, MAY HE BLESS YOU WITH MANY SUCH HOURS!
    ozy sj

  3. What can I say sis - Simply beautiful! and I could not agree more with Ozy when he says that the Lord must be delighted each time He knows you are coming to Him in the "Hour of Prayer"


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