Monday, July 27, 2009


In this present moment Lord I praise You,
Timeless, holy, living, saving Word,
You reveal the Face of God the Father,
In You His Son, the Father’s voice is heard.

I am Your sheep and You are my Good Shepherd
Leading, guiding, showing me the way,
When the narrow road is hard to follow,
Grant that I may never go astray.

I lean on You when I am weak and weary,
Lord and Master, Author of my plans,
All my hopes I rest on Your strong shoulders,
In You I place my faith and confidence.

Love beckons me and strips away the curtain,
Safe, secure and tranquil is my soul,
Before the Presence in the Sanctuary,
Of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

My God, my Rock, my Strength, my Steady Anchor,
Unchanging is Your Word yet ever new,
My life is built on You my firm foundation,
In rain and storm my Lord I’m safe with You.

Myra D’Souza/26.7.09

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  1. thank you for this beautiful song! May Jesus holds us all firm in His beautiful hands!


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