Monday, July 27, 2009

The Sinner John 8:3-11

While His enemies were plotting,
And scheming for His life,
Our Lord went out to Olivet,
To pray all through the night.

Returning to the temple,
After a night of prayer,
He found a group of people,
Already gathered there.

Sitting down among them,
He began to speak,
Of sacred truths that until then,
Were veiled in mystery.

Suddenly there was discord,
Disquiet filled the air,
The Scribes and Pharisees had dragged,
A woman to the square.

Her hair was tossed and tangled,
Her cheeks glistened with tears,
Her ashen face looked wretched,
Her eyes were wide in fear.

‘Sir’, they said with malice,
‘This woman that you see,
We caught her in the very act,
Of adultery.

By the law of Moses,
This woman stands accused,
To death by stoning as decreed,
Now Master, what say You?’

The evil mask of Satan,
Was stripped and stood unbound,
Bending down Christ wrote their sins,
On the dusty ground.

To end their questioning He said,
With patience wearing thin,
‘The first to cast a stone will be,
The one who has no sin.’

Their sins once cloaked in darkness,
Were brought into the light,
Beginning with the elders,
They shuffled out of sight.

She gazed at Him in wonder,
As He straightened up and said,
‘Where are your accusers?
Have none condemned you yet?’

‘No one Sir,’ she whispered,
‘I stand with You alone,’
‘Nor do I condemn you,
Go and sin no more.’

She felt a rush of gladness,
Peace overflowed her soul,
Life took on new meaning,
Once Jesus made her whole.

Myra D’Souza/27.7.2009


  1. I loved that Myra It wasso good.Keep it up.I would surely like to read more of such lovely poems.

  2. Thanks Richard, just read your comment today. Have written several poems. You can check out my latest poem The Woman at the Well - John 4:4-42 on
    God bless.


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