Thursday, June 4, 2009


I wish I could stand on the rooftop and sing,
Aloud of the love of my Savior and King,
He gives me His Spirit who helps me to pray,
And gently rebukes me when I go astray.

Just like His friends on the road to Emmaus,
He touches my soul and my spirit is roused,
I feast at the table that Jesus has spread,
And recognize God at the breaking of Bread.

He speaks through the pages of His Holy Word,
My soul must be still so He can be heard,
He purchased a Kingdom for me at great price,
My life Jesus ransomed through His sacrifice.

They scourged His dear body, His blood was all spent,
The flesh of my Savior was cruelly rent,
They flailed Him and nailed Him aloft on a tree,
My life He redeemed on Calvary.

The blood and the water that flowed from His side,
Preserves and sustains the Church His dear bride,
The Father, the Son and the Spirit unite
To graft me into the Body of Christ.

Myra D’Souza / 4th June 2009


In the silence of my spirit,
My soul to You I raise,
Prostrate before Your Majesty,
My heart sings hymns of praise.
My inner being sweetly rests,
In pastures fresh and green,
My spirit’s thirst is satisfied,
In waters cool and clean.
The Lord is my good Shepherd,
No evil shall come near,
I know my God walks with me,
His staff strikes down my fears.
I sup at His own table,
I feast on Bread and Wine,
His mercy, love and goodness,
Thru’ all my days are mine.

Myra D’souza / 4th June 2009

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I’m walking on sunshine,
I’m tripping on air,
I met my Beloved,
This morning in prayer.
We’d made an appointment,
I woke up at three,
But to my surprise,
Found Him waiting for me.
I ran to my Savior,
And sat at His feet,
Wrapped in a silence,
Hallowed and sweet.
I praised Him in song,
That flowed without script,
The words effortlessly,
Spilled from my lips.
I wept a little,
And told Him my fears,
He leaned down and gently said,
“Hush, no more tears.
As long as You live
I’ll be here by your side
And promise always,
In your heart to reside.”

Myra D’Souza – 3.6.2009


He calls me His beloved,
His light glows on my face,
His Spirit is alive in me,
He fills my heart with grace.
I walk with faith uplifted.
In sweet serenity,
My heart belongs to Jesus,
Who gave His life for me.

He conferred on me a priesthood,
I’m confirmed and set apart,
To live the Holy Gospel,
With a steadfast, faithful heart.
He leads me out of darkness,
To dwell in His pure light,
I’m anchored to the Rock,
Who is my Comforter and Guide.

I need never be afraid,
With Jesus at my side,
The Spirit of the Living God,
In me vows to abide.
I can depend on Christ my Lord,
No matter what the hour,
Calling on His Name I claim,
Infinite grace and power.

Myra D’souza /3rd June 2009

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

THE JOY OF GOD Psalm 30:11

The Lord has turned my mourning into dancing,
The Lord has turned my sorrow into joy,
The Lord has turned my moaning into laughter,
And every anxious doubt He has destroyed

Each time I call on Him my Jesus answers,
When I’m contrite He heals my wounded soul,
The burden of my sins my Lord has vanquished,
Now hope and peace and joy are in control.

The Breath of God blows gently o’er my being,
A Wind that moves my spirit to adore,
Bowing low in worship I implore Him,
To grant that I may love Him ever more.

Through grace He makes my heart a living temple,
Where the Triune Godhead can abide,
I’m free to be whatever God commands me,
As long as Jesus Christ in me resides.

Myra D’Souza / 1st June 2009

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