Thursday, May 28, 2009

TRUST ME - John 14 : 1-6

Be not anxious or distressed,
When trials come your way,
Trust in God and trust in Me,
Believe in all I say.

Remember in my Father’s house,
Are many splendid rooms,
I go ahead for I intend,
To make a place for you.

Remember all I taught you,
Live the Gospel faithfully,
I will return to take you home,
And have you reign with Me.

Take the narrow highway,
Though filled with pain and strife,
At journey’s end I promise friend,
That you will have new life

Myra D’souza/5.5.99

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


With God in our midst,
We have nothing to fear,
For Jesus has promised,
To stay ever near.
When Father and Son,
Of our life has control,
The breath of the Spirit,
Empowers our soul.

The seas may be stormy,
And storm-tossed the boat,
But Jesus has promised,
He’ll keep us afloat.
Through buffeting winds,
And harrowing gales,
Our Savior has triumphed,
God always prevails.

Too often in life we find,
Hope has grown dim,
Doubts loom in the darkness,
The future looks grim.
And when loss seems certain
With no help in sight
The Light of His Spirit,
Illumines the night.

Faith once again blossoms,
While hope in the heart,
Revives as Love conquers,
And all fears depart.
He makes us His temple,
And fills us with grace,
A place where the Word,
And the Spirit embrace

Myra D’Souza – 26.05.09

Thursday, May 21, 2009


The road was hot and dusty,
They jostled her around,
She inched her way towards Him,
Almost crawling on the ground.

Her face was pale and sickly,
Her eyes were burning bright,
She’d heard the Master’s message,
His words brought hope and light.

She strained to touch the Savior
Under cover, as He spoke,
She knew she would be healed if only,
She could touch His cloak.

Twelve long years she’d suffered,,
Losing all her wealth,
The doctors could do nothing,
To bring her back to health.

She knew they called Him Master,
Teacher, Healer, Son of God,
With expectant faith and hope,
She came to meet the Lord.

There was a rush of feeling,
She felt infused with grace,
Instantly she felt released,
From death’s dark embrace.

“Who touched Me? I sensed power,
Going out from Me,”
She fell before the Master
And confessed her history.

“Your faith,” He said, “my daughter,
Has healed you, go in peace,”
In the Sacrament of Penance
We attain the same release.

Myra D’Souza / 20.05.2009


It’s Grace that says, “Wake up it’s dawn,” each morning
It’s Grace that whispers gently, “It is time,”
It’s Grace that urges softly, “Do not tarry,”
And Grace alone enables us comply.

From His Spirit grace is overflowing,
Sinful lives are changed by grace divine,
Willing souls by grace are made more holy,
Making Christ our all is His design.

Grace works best in simple, childlike people
Grace works best in people without guile,
Grace at work helps souls grow in perfection,
With every soul Grace walks that extra mile.

Grace, sweet grace is modeled to perfection,
Through each age in history and race,
In our Mother who was greeted by the Angel,
Hailing her as ‘Mary, full of grace.”

Myra D’Souza – 20/5/2009

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


You gazed in painful silence,
As He gasped in agony,
Saying to you, “Woman,
Here’s your new family.

My sacrifice repaid the debt,
Now every child is free,
Adopted by My Father,
They are grafted into Me.

As at Cana when you find,
That they’ve run short of wine
Bring then these sons and daughters
To me, O mother mine

Keep them my dearest mother,
Under your mantle blue,
These precious little ones of mine,
I entrust to you."

Myra D’Souza / 17.5.09

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I come to You each morning,
You fill me with Your grace,
You touch me with Your Spirit,
I am Your dwelling place.

I sit with You in silence,
Your Presence fills my soul,
I ask forgiveness for my sins,
And once again I’m whole.

You listen to my sorrows,
You wipe away my tears,
You talk to me and comfort me,
You chase away my fears.

My God, You are Emmanuel,
And I will never be,
Alone or lonely for Your Word,
Deigns to reign in me.

Myra D’Souza/12/5/09

Thursday, May 7, 2009


The way is dark,
The night is long,
I stumble with my cross,
No hope is left,
I am bereft,
Fear shrouds my heavy heart.

I search for inner strength
To cope,
With my anxiety,
But finding only doubt
My human frailty.

Blow on heavy blow
Is rained,
Each leaves behind a scar
As cruel, foolish,
Little men,
Wield their puny power.

Though long the road
And narrow,
And weary is my soul,
I know my Jesus walks with me,
I know,
I’m not alone.

Myra D’Souza / 7.5.09

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Come walk with Me,
Come talk with Me,
Come rest in Me,
Come stay by Me,
Come visit Me,
Keep  company,
With Me my child.

Come take my hand,
And sit beside Me,
We will feast,
On bread and wine.
The bread you eat,
Is my own Body,
The Wine you drink,
Poured from my side.

You’ll find My Word,
Sweeter than honey,
And the manna,
I provide.
Is made from wheat,
Ground to its finest,
In the mill,
Of sacrifice.

Myra D’Souza / 5May 2009

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