Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Lord Jesus, I know why I love You.

You make my heart sing,
You make me feel beautiful,
You make me a child of Your Father,
You make me feel good about myself.

I look at You and I see
That my experience of all
That is beautiful and good
Is reflected in You.

Without You my life is empty,
Hopeless, meaningless.
You satisfy every need,
You meet every longing,
You are the fulfillment
Of all my desires.

I ponder on Your Word,
I gaze at Your holy image,
I experience the wonder
Of holding You in my heart
When I receive You in the Eucharist
And I know why I love You.

But why do You love me Lord?
Why did You die for me?
Why did You take my place
On the cross?
Why did You leave the glory of
Heaven to prove Your love for Me?

Dear Heart,
Long before time began
My Father knew you.
He intended you to be born.
He knew exactly how He wanted you to look.
Your eyes, your colour, your disposition.
He gave you a great capacity to love,
He also gave you a free will.
In doing so He hoped
You would choose to love Me.

He wanted you in eternity.
But you were a sinner,
Heaven’s door was shut to you.
Only the shedding of blood - My blood,
Could open that door.
When I saw His love for you
How could I refuse?

Now, when I look at you,
I see your love for Me blossom
Grow stronger, bloom brighter,
More fragrant with each passing day ,
You make Me glad
Because I did not die in vain.


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