Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Weighed down with endless burdens,
My body racked in pain,
On days like this I’m tempted to
Believe that life’s in vain.

My heart is very weary,
It’s hard to wear a smile,
I make-believe that all is well
Though I feel crushed inside.

It seems at every corner
A snare is laid to trap,
Whatever crumbs of happiness
May fall into my lap.

I’m often tempted to believe
A curse hangs over me,
Making everything I touch
A calamity.

Yet, having faith is knowing
When all the chips are down,
That God will set my sorrows
Like jewels in a crown.

So despite my aching body
I chase away the frowns,
I know my God who loves me
Will turn my life around.

Myra D’souza

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