Tuesday, April 21, 2009

THE LEPER ­(Matthew 8:1-4) (Mark 1:40-45)

Deep in the shadows hidden from view,
Just a little apart from the crowd,
Stood a man drinking in every word that issued,
Forth from the mouth of the Lord.

 He forgot for a while the dreaded disease,
That ravaged his body and soul,
Christ stood close to him, faith trembled within,
Dare he ask that he be made whole?

Watching amazed as the sick were being healed,
Awestruck at the power of God,
Limping out of the shadows to Jesus he said,
“If You will, You can heal me my Lord.”

The crowd watched in horror, 
The leper approached
And sank to the ground on his knees,
Jesus stretched out His hand 
And touching the man said,
“I will it, my friend, be clean”.

I too was a leper, defiled by my sins,
Untouchable spiritually,
Deeply ashamed and riddled with guilt,
Was there hope for a sinner like me?

Then I saw my Saviour with arms open wide,
On the beam of a cross they were nailed,
On Calvary’s hill the blood that was spilled,
Was the price that He willingly paid.

MYRA D’SOUZA / 13.9.99


  1. dear Myra
    thanks for always keeping me posted of the WORD OF GOD
    God bless
    fr franco sdb

  2. Beautifully put down. Loved the last two verses. God bless you and your family.

  3. dear myra

    thanks very much for the inspiring poem.


    (Fr. Blany sdb)

  4. Very inspiring Myra. Thanks for sending your lovely compositions to me.

    God Bless



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