Tuesday, April 21, 2009


The other day while walking
Along old memory lane,
I saw someone in filthy rags,
I couldn’t place her name.
She looked like someone I had known,
Someone out of the past,
She looked so worn and joyless,
She looked so very sad.

I looked again and recognised,
Who this person was,
She was none other than myself,
Before I’d found my God.
I look into the mirror now,
And what change I see.
For I have hope in Jesus,
My Saviour lives in me.

I have peace and happiness,
Such joy I’ve never known,
I have Love that satisfies,
The longings of my soul.
How sad she was that stranger,
I met out of my past,
So full of sin and misery,
So sorrowful and lost.

I’m glad I met that stranger,
My old and sinful self,
For now I know without Him,
My life is meaningless.
Now I walk with Jesus,
My loving God and King,
In Christ I am made perfect
And that’s why my soul sings.


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