Tuesday, April 21, 2009


“What is the worst that can happen”, I say
As I stare down my fears right in the face,
Carelessly shrugging I thumb my nose,
And look with disdain at each of my woes.

So what if the devil is rocking my boat,
The water is seeping, I’m barely afloat,
Who cares if the storm is gathering pace,
Who cares if the winds shriek as they race.

It seems every imp out of hades is here,
To weaken my faith and drown me in fear,
“The Master’s asleep”, they mock and they wink,
“He cares not a bit if you perish and sink”.

“Shoo you old creeps”, I say with a grin,
“There’s no way that I will ever give in,
You can do nothing to weaken my faith,
My Master will help me asleep or awake”.

The imps scowling at me shriek and stomp out,
The Master awakes at the sound of their shouts,
He opens His eyes and smiles tenderly,
Who cares if the storm is raging round me.

Myra D’souza/12.10.98

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