Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I am the little baby,
That your love caused to be,
Lying still within your womb,
In sweet serenity.

It’s dark, and all around me,
Is calm and gentleness.
I am content and yet I sense,
There is more for me than this.

I hear my brother’s laughter,
It rings out sweet and clear,
But mama’s is the voice that I
Always love to hear.

It is very reassuring,
That I am soon to be,
The baby girl of one I love,
Already tenderly.

Does happiness await me?
I have a sense of dread,
I feel a sense of anguish,
Of all that lies ahead.

I long to see my papa,
To hear him speak to me,
To have his arms wrapped round me
Smiling tenderly.

I’m sure once Papa holds me,
And looks into my eyes,
He’ll fall in love and then you’ll see,
His heart will open wide.

But Jesus said He’s looking,
For a baby just like me,
To be my daddy’s angel,
So I said, “Please send me”.

I will be his angel,
So heaven he will gain.
I know my papa will not let
My death be all in vain.

Myra D’souza - 9.6.1998


  1. Oh Myra , what a beautiful and wise explanation ........
    May the Little Angel Rest in HIS ever loving embrace ............
    May HE Bless you with courage and keep you in his care ......... m .........


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