Tuesday, April 21, 2009


 Zacchaeus heard that Jesus,
Was passing Jericho,
Being short he thought he'd perch himself,
On a sycamore.

Jesus stopped below him,
And looking up he said,
“I’m coming to your house today
Make haste, come down Zacchaeus.”

Jumping swiftly off the tree,
His heart beat joyfully,
He knows me by my name, he thought,
He wants to dine with me.

When those around saw Jesus,
Had sought him from the crowd,
They murmured, “He has gone as guest,
Into a sinner’s house.”

His life till then was full of sin,
Rich through ill-gotten means,
A tax collector scorned by all,
Especially pharisees.

“Half of all I own I’ll give,
To the poor” he said,
“Those I have defrauded,
Will receive four times the share.”

“The Son of Man”, said Jesus,
“Comes to seek and save the lost,
The blind, the lame, the destitute
The prostitute, outcast”.

Zacchaeus once a little man
In spirit and in height.
Stood taller than the crowd once he,
Encountered Jesus Christ.

Myra D’souza 16.11.99

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