Tuesday, April 21, 2009


There is no greater union,
There’s no intimacy,
As close as You sweet Jesus,
In the Eucharist with me.

When I receive You Jesus,
In this sacrament as Bread,
You take possession of me,
As on manna I am fed.

No man and wife could ever be,
As truly one as when,
You my Precious Jesus,
Become mere bread for men.

The Arc of the Old Covenant,
Enclosed the sacred laws,
The ten commandments written by,
The finger of the Lord.

The Arc of the New Covenant
Is found within my breast,
When it enfolds the Living Word,
In the Holy Eucharist.

I am a sinful wretch my Lord,
And it would be quite right,
For You to turn away from me,
And banish me from sight.

I bow my head in gratitude,
As I bend my knee,
Thank You Lord for loving me
In this awesome mystery.

MYRA D’SOUZA/10.11.1998

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