Tuesday, April 21, 2009


When I look at my neighbour,
And flaws are all I see,
I sit in hasty judgement,
And wrong him needlessly.

It’s time to turn the mirror,
Of truth that sin has dimmed,
So I can see my neighbour is
More sinned against than sinned.

It’s I who must find answers,
While looking in my soul,
Why all my neighbour says and does,
Irks my spirit so.

I am mean, narrow, petty,
A self-righteous Pharisee,
When looking at my neighbour,
I see no love for him in me.

My neighbour like the publican,
As Jesus pointed out,
Is far more justified than I,
More pleasing before God.

It's only through right judgment
That I will gain my sight,
As the Spirit gently leads me,
From darkness to Christ’s light.

MYRA D’SOUZA / 14.11.1998

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