Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I knew You in the past Lord ,
But never as a Dad,
The God of my perception,
Was stern and seldom glad.
I thought You kept a balance,
Where every deed was weighed,
If good I'd be rewarded,
And punished if I strayed.

I’d wring my hands before You,
Rife with guilt and stress,
Would I merit kindness,
Would You chastise or bless?
The god that I'd created,
Was distant, stern and cold,
Reluctantly I would approach.
Afraid that You would scold.

Dear Daddy God forgive me,
For having lacked insight,
To Jesus Christ all glory,
For bringing truth to light.
You love this wretched sinner,
In me You find delight.
I dare to call You Abba
I'm precious in Your sight.

Myra D’souza 13.5.1998

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