Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Lost in a world that is narrowed by self,
Uncaring, untouched by the pain,
Of brothers who seek to worship strange gods,
With unpronounceable names.

Although I have dined on manna each day,
And I’m fed on the Bread that gives life,
I miserly hoarded the grace I received
I’ve been just as callous as Dives.

Enthralled and inspired as I read the Word,
Secure in God’s promise to me,
Indifferent was I that my brothers knew not,
That they too were royalty.

What use are my lips if they have been sealed,
Refusing to share the Good News,
And the light I received ‘neath a bushel concealed,
Hiding God’s treasures from view?

I cannot claim I’ve encountered the Lord,
If my love is shallow and flawed
A Christian who fails to proclaim the Good News
Is just a fake and a fraud.

Myra D'Souza / 28.9.1999

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