Tuesday, April 21, 2009


My eyes gaze on a pearl grey dawn,
While dying night still slumbers on,
My lips sing soft a song of praise,
My Lord I come to seek Your Face.

O Living Waters wash me clean,
And lead me on to pastures green,
In You my soul finds its sweet rest,
My heart’s own gracious, royal Guest.

I lift my soul to You and pray,
For grace sufficient for the day,
And every dream and joy and tear,
I offer with my hopes and fears.

Hold me now in Your embrace
With You at last I’m home and safe,
No harm can touch me when I’m one,
With Jesus Christ God’s only Son.

Together we have watched and prayed,
An hour my Lord with You I’ve stayed,
From Tabor’s heights I now descend,
To serve You Lord in every friend.

Myra D’souza / 19.06.2008


  1. Dearest Myra
    "Morning Glory" was so touching,I said my morning prayer at 11am!Thank you for the inspiration-glorious as always.
    God bless you and the family and love to all from all here.

  2. AQUILA:
    Lovely one Myra

  3. dearest myra,
    you have understood the meaning of prayer!

    "From Tabor’s heights I now descend,
    To serve You Lord in every friend.!"

    prayer must lead to service!
    ozy (richie's brother!)

  4. No wonder you are my favorite cousin (well Richie is too and so are Helen and Claude) but you know what I mean. You know me well.:)


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