Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Every beat of my heart will tell You,
Lord that I love You,
Every breath I breathe will echo
This same sweet chorus too.

With all the ardour of my soul,
And all my strength and might,
I will love You my dearest Lord,
Until the day I die.

The more I know about You Lord,
The deeper I fall in love,
The better I get to know You I find,
There’s so much more to discover.

I know I’ve done nothing to merit
The love, O Lord You have for me,
Taking my place You died the death,
That was mine on Calvary.

I have discovered the reason why
My heart is brimming with bliss,
No greater joy on earth have I found,
Than living to love You Jesus.

Myra D’souza/10.1.1999

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