Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Walking up to Jesus,
One lovely summer day,
I joined the throng to listen,
To what He had to say.

The children pressed around Him,
He held one on His knee.
Young and old alike were listening
To Him solemnly.

I wanted to be near Him
To never leave His side
So I exclaimed, “Good Master
I seek eternal life”.

He beckoned me and tenderly
Took me by the hand,
“Do all the law requires
Follow God’s commands”.

“I have paid heed to all of them
Since I was but a child”.
He looked at me with love and said,
“This then is my advice.

“There is one thing that you can do,
Sell all you have and then,
Give the money to the poor
And follow Me, my friend”.

I looked at Him and felt a pain
Ripping me apart,
I thought of all the worldly things
That held my foolish heart.

I walked away from Jesus
To where my treasures lay.
I kept my wealth but lost my life
That long, sad summer’s day.

MYRA D’SOUZA / 15.10.2000

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