Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Death took my little baby,
And I, distraught with grief
Wondered if the pain within
Would ever find relief?

No longer to embrace her,
No longer see her smile,
To cuddle and to kiss her,
Watch her wriggle in delight.

I thought that joy forever
Was extinguished from my life,
I thought I’d feel the aching void
Inside me, till I died.

One morning I kept asking,
My Lord repeatedly,
The reason why He had to take,
My little one from me.

I listened for an answer
But none came from above,
Instead my God encompassed me,
With His exquisite love.

He held me close, in silence,
For a long, long while,
Until the pain receded,
And I began to smile.

My healing had begun the day,
When gently from above,
My God stooped down from heaven,
To touch me with His love.

MYRA D’SOUZA/16.1.1999

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