Tuesday, April 21, 2009


If you’re looking for an answer,
To the problems in your life,
Go to Jesus with your burdens,
Let His touch calm every strife.

If the road you walk is narrow,
And you feel you’re all alone,
There’s no light beyond the tunnel,
Your heart feels cold as stone.

Take the fears that now engulf you,
To the One who calmed the storm,
Let the Master gently take you,
Straight into His loving arms.

Jesus is God’s perfect answer,
To the problems that you face,
“Seek ye first the Father’s kingdom”,
Is the one demand He makes.

If you seek the Lord in silence,
You will find the Prince of Peace,
He will satisfy each longing,
He will give your heart sweet ease.

Myra D’souza/12.10.98

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