Tuesday, April 21, 2009


What is truth asked Pilate
Then turned and walked away,
He wasn’t interested
In what Jesus had to say.

Truth stood in perfect silence
Saying not a word.
For nothing can be said to those,
Who refuse to hear.

We’re strangers to the truth,
And so we swallow up the lies,
Fed by wolves who come to us,
Clothed in sheep’s disguise.

They seek to steal and plunder,
Murder and destroy,
And sowing weeds among the seeds,
Deceive with cunning ploy.

Our ignorance abysmal,
We fall without much fight
We make such easy pickings
Satan dances in delight.

We are God’s chosen people,
Royal, holy, set apart,
But being loosely grounded,
Fall prey to wily art.


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