Tuesday, April 21, 2009


The Lord was in the synagogue,
One holy sabbath day,
When He saw a crippled woman,
Enter in to pray.

Bound by an evil spirit,
Bent double eighteen years,
She lived a sad and lonely life,
Nobody cared for her.

On that memorable morning,
Of that sabbath long ago,
She heard the Master call her,
As she walked in through the door

He laid His hands upon her,
She stood up straight and tall,
Eyes brimming over tears of joy,
She praised the Living God.

I too was like that woman,
Crippled by my sins,
Until my Saviour touched me,
And healed me from within.

He drew me out of darkness,
Into His radiant light,
The Lord calls me beloved,
I call Him my delight..

Myra D’souza/26.10.98

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