Tuesday, April 21, 2009


The Word of the Lord was delighted,
When His Father said, “Son, You may choose,
From all generations one whom you wish
To be a Mother to You.”

The Word looked at every young maiden,
His eyes scanned the entire race,
Till they fell on a lovely young virgin,
The one Gabriel called full of grace.

She was God’s ideal woman
Created with marvelous care,
Radiant with beauty and goodness,
No being with her could compare.

Her voice was as soft as an angel’s,
Her laugh like a clear rippling stream,
Her scent like the flowers in springtime,
Her smile held the warmth of sunbeams.

God knew from ages eternal,
The one that our Saviour would choose,
To be His new Ark of the Covenant,
The one who would bear His Good News.

So the Vessel of God was created,
Free from original sin,
Her immaculate birth brought heaven to earth,
Awestruck, creation stood still.

MYRA D’SOUZA / 7.9.1998

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