Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Greater love than this to us,
Has never been revealed,
When God came down to earth as Man,
So sinners could be freed.
The temple walls shook mightily,
The curtain ripped in two,
  The perfect sacrifice of Christ,
Once more made all things new.

The Scriptures speak of love to me
No clearer can it be,
When reading of the woman
Caught in adultery.
The law of Moses stated,
She should be stoned to death,
But Jesus said, “In Me you’ll find
Nobody is condemned.”

There was another woman,
A harlot in that town,
Who came in uninvited,
To the Pharisee Simon’s house.
Jesus did not care a whit,
For what the guests might think,
As they watched this public sinner,
To her knees before Him sink.

She bathed with tears and kisses,
His feet with deference.
Then with her lovely tresses,
Dried them with reverence.
She broke a jar of perfume,
Anointing Jesus’ feet
Her love and tears brought pardon,
Her sinful heart was healed.

The awesome love of Jesus,
Is free to saint and rogue,
Time and time again we find,
Christ mingling with poor folk,

The filthy, wretched beggar,
the sinner sick with shame,
The widow and abandoned child,
The leper and the lame.

But the haughty and the skeptic,
The powerful and proud,
Will find they’re not invited,
To the banquet of the Lord.
Once the wedding feast is ready,
The trumpets shall resound,
He’ll come in triumph for the Bride,
That from His side was formed.

Myra D’souza/1.6.1998

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