Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I see you sitting on the fence,
Reflecting if you will,
give yourself to Jesus,
Who for you His blood did spill.

You want to be like Jesus,
But you’re afraid and weak,
You think that He will make demands,
You think you cannot meet.

You come to Jesus daily,
With a litany of woes,
But not a word of praise to Him,
Through Whom all blessings flow.

He says, “Ask, you’ll be given,
Seek and you will find,
Knock and I will open wide,
The door for I am kind.”

Seek first to put God’s Kingdom,
Before all  you desire,
And He will grant you everything,
Your earthly life requires.

You see, there are no options,
For He will have no part,
Of a divided conscience,
Or a lukewarm heart.

We’re called to go the distance
Up the hill to calvary
In laying down our life we gain
Eternal victory.

Myra D’souza/20.5.1998

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