Tuesday, April 21, 2009



The years before I knew You,
Were dark and full of sin,
Swayed by every passion,
My soul was dark within.

How barren life was then Lord,
Each passing thrill gave way,
To even greater emptiness,
That filled me with dismay.

Yearning for a tender love,
Searching endlessly,
For someone warm and caring,
To love me selflessly.

The times You called my name Lord,
I did not recognize,
Your quiet, gentle, loving voice,
For I preferred the noise.

When death stole my baby,
I sought You in my grief,
Demanding why You had to take
My baby girl from me.

My God, You stooped from heaven,
You touched my soul Your grace,
And though my eyes were filled with tears,
A smile lit up my face.

Myra D’souza

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